We welcome the editor of the Slovenian journal Apokalipsa in Pécs

Life is busy at our writers' residence in Pécs: the Argentinean Ariana Harwicz has just returned home, and the Slovenian writer, poet and editor Primož Repar has already arrived. Repar has close ties with Pécs, and the literary magazine he founded and edits, Apokalipsa, has been working with the Hungarian journal Jelenkor for many years, as well as with many contemporary Hungarian authors.

During his stay, the author plans to work on several pieces of writing, the most interesting of which he considers to be a forthcoming prose about a utopian world, in which politics and thus the fate of our planet is not driven by ruthlessness and hatred, but by love and understanding. The Ljubljana-based writer will participate in the 2nd PécsLit literary festival starting on Monday: on 15 September, at 5 pm, Zoltán Ágoston, editor-in-chief of Jelenkor magazine will be in conversation with him in the Knowledge Centre of the University of Pécs.